Dove Men + Care “6 Nations Series”

Dove Men + Care Series TVC

The Brief

For this campaign we were looking to recreate specific actions with a series of well-known international Rugby players in the home, based around their signature moves. This piece takes a different approach, in that we are looking for more universal moments of camaraderie within the Rugby footage, meaning that we can be more decisive in what we are looking to create with them at home. Rather than having specific actions, we’ll have pointers of ways for them to interact with their kids things that really show how physically active you have to be when caring for your kids, and therefore why you need the care of the product. Re-creating high impact moments within the Rugby footage that naturally lend themselves to action cutting footage, and emphasise that synergy with life both on and off the field.

Our Creative Solution

Our approach to the product shots will be equally naturalistic as well as impactful. Ultimately we were working with athletes, so we didn’t try to make them actors. We kept the mood nice and relaxed so that they can really be themselves and not feel like they are having to try too hard. We kept the action of them applying the product really simple - with actions that feel authentic to how players would usually do it - so that the product footage blends seamlessly into our dad and Rugby moments. The main challenge was to blend in game moments that connect with the physical affection of being a dad. What we re-created was choreographed moments of Rugby footage with our specialist hand-picked Rugby body doubles such as supportive pats on the back in the tunnel, a hand pulling up a teammate after a rough tackle, piling up in post-match celebration, getting up with mud streaked across the skin - moments that are affectionate, but also put stress on skin.

The Result

Realness and authenticity shone through. The final edit created intrigue throughout in order to keep our audience watching. Key connections between the nature of being a parent, and being a high standard sportsman, by initially showing the action up close in tight shots, cutting to wider shots towards the end that revealed the bigger picture. By creating this sense of intrigue and reveal, making our final product reveal even more impactful whilst staying on track with authenticity on and off the field. What was created was a careful balance between demonstrating product benefits with overall brand purpose of “Care”.



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