Colin Nell

Founder of Sport and Motion

Sport and Motion is a Sports Consultancy Company based in the city of London and working across the UK and beyond. Founded by Colin Nell, who has years of experience working within Sports Events & Production as a Sports Talent, gradually building his empire and team.

Who is Colin Nell?

Colin Nell is a professional freestyle footballer with circa 20 years’ experience and has been performing more than 30 countries to crowds of over 80,000 people. Combining his high-level skills with charisma making him one of the world’s top sports entertainers and pioneers, therefore prompting him to set up Sport and Motion.

With his 20 years + experience, Colin has gained great insight into the sport industry, marketing and trends making him an expert in promotional events for media campaigns, organisations, and the public sector. His ambition is to use his in-depth knowledge to create the ultimate sports consultancy company, known as Sport and Motion.

Not only has Colin performed in around 30 countries including Europe, Caribbean, Middle East, and Asia etc. He’s also worked for various companies such as Nike, Adidas, Samsung, FIFA etc. This allowed him to build relationships with some incredible people, giving him access to the world’s best sports talent.

About Sport & Motion

A Sports Consultancy company with years of experience working within Sports Events & Production as a Sports Talent, gradually with that we built our own empire and team. Our services offer Professional Talent & Choreographers who cover all sports. We can make your mood board/storyboard for any sports related Activation or Shoot come to life. The 4 pillars of Sport & Motion:

Sports Talent Our unique talent file sharing system allows you to view profiles with photos, video and relevant information. You can select the right individual for your campaign instantly. This saves you time by eliminating the hassle and stress of holding a casting event. Our database consists of 750+ international talent, specialising in a variety of sports. Many are professionals & world champions. We are diverse and inclusive!

Choreography – We specialise in creative concepts for all areas of sport. With over 10 years of experience in the industry we can deliver cutting edge insights that are visually impressive and impactful on film. We constantly deliver new, innovative and fresh content. Working alongside directors and producers to create and add sporting realism to each scene including assistance with script writing, story boards and helping with performances and with all details within the screen to ensure that there is authenticity and realism throughout.

Events and Activation – Where it all began with Colin’s career – the bread and butter. This part of the business is where Colin Nell was established and excelled. With great relationships built, we have consulted and assisted with key members to deliver authenticity towards a desired concept. No matter the scale of the event, our knowledge helps create scenarios from a sporting point of view.

Sports Production – Full-service, in house, from pre through post. We have the resources to provide exactly what you need from strategy & scripting to motion graphics, design and photography for your brand’s social channels. Whatever it is, we’ll work it out – whether it’s one set plan, or one that changes and adapts with each new spark of inspiration.

Sport & Motion’s Vision

  • Be the leading sports consultancy and choreography company worldwide.
  • Be the best sourcer and provider of multi sports talent, production and sports choreography.
  • Always to be moving forward through innovation and creativity.
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