Access global sports talent from the click of one button. Gone are the wired phone days – we are now a wireless & remote working generation. This is why we have created a system that allows our clients from anywhere in the world to view talent profiles which includes all the key information needed to make that final decision or approval i.e. photos, videos etc.

Holding a sports casting event has worked and is still working for some, but technology and time is catching up on us and that’s when we need to adapt to suit and enhance our working lifestyle. There are pros and cons for many things, but for this specific area the cons of a sports casting event outweighs the pros of it. Let us help you picture this;

  • Say bye to additional expenses purely for casting i.e. costs for hiring a studio/ room – overall eliminate the hassle and stress of holding a casting event
  • Create more time for your project/ campaign i.e. no need to have the important team members on site all day (and casting events can be long days).
  • No time wasted i.e. you won’t experience sports talent dropping out/ failing to attend

We have experienced this from both sides, being the talent and also being the client – our unique sports talent file sharing system is a breath of fresh air for both.

If you have a mood board or you’re not sure where to start – we can help you refine and select talent that will help your visuals come to life. We have a thorough recruitment process when it comes to hiring talent for Sport & Motion – hence why our database of 1200+ worldwide talent is endless and includes many sports professionals & world champions containing enthusiasts who are up and coming. So when we say “access global sports talent from the click of one button” we literally mean it, you can select the right individuals for your project/ campaign instantly.

This has been proven successful for many of our clients we have worked with and they have not looked back since, instead have embraced and improved their ways of working.

Don’t delay any further, inquire today and let us show you the new route of the sports casting world.

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