Our talent roster started with the recruitment of real found sports players - our belief has always been that any sport requires authenticity and cannot be replicated by anyone other than the professional & experienced individual themselves.
Over the years, beginning from Colin's inception in Football Freestyle, he'd bump into star players from all different sports and since then our recruitment team have embedded this into their process of working - hiring top experienced sports specialists!


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We have extensive experience providing a variety of sports talent across diverse ethnicities, backed by a dedicated recruitment team skilled at matching briefs while maintaining high playing standards. Our priority, when tasked with finding a body double, is to closely match the hero’s appearance, including height, weight, and hairstyle. However, the most critical criterion is the individual’s proficiency in playing the sport at a high level.


No matter the size or scale of your campaign we can help you refine and select worldwide sports influencers & content creators from our database to complete the final puzzle to your marketing strategy.
We have a thorough recruitment process when it comes to hiring hence why our talent directory covers all sports professionals & world champions, including experienced social media enthusiasts who majority are up and coming and can creatively help navigate as well as shape your ideas for any sports related advertising, activations or events.
We understand the importance of marketing reach as well as budget levels for all various different projects therefore have ensured to cover all levels from nano to mega sports influencers including content creators who are all effective & influential role models amongst their following base evidently through their analytics & reach.
Our talent are experienced not only in their sports but in the social media & branding industry as many have made a global impact for clients such as; Adidas, Qatar 2022, FIFA, Nike, Under Armour and many more.
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