The Brief

Since 1993, Kick It Out have been team players in the fight against discrimination. We’ve consistently shown up and have played to win against all forms of discrimination, no matter what the sport. Over the years, we’ve welcomed an ever-growing community of supporters, who have helped cheer us on, despite the setbacks. Of course, discrimination isn’t a fixed, bound competitor. It has been evolving in sport in different ways, but so too has our approach to tackling it. In partnership with Sky Sports we were tasked to cast and oversee the sporting direction in excess of 20+ male and female footballers of all ethnicities, faiths, backgrounds and orientations including disabilities.

Our Creative Solution

When this brief came to Sport & Motion we instantly jumped at this great opportunity. As a diverse company itself we championed the idea of Football for all. We wanted this piece to include a range of people from all walks of life, looking to shoot football fans and players from different backgrounds. As diverse as possible - gender, ethnicity, sexuality and people with disabilities. As Football is played by all ages around the world we put forward all ages between 12+ - 55+ leaving no stone unturned. Sadly sport has long had issues with racism and discrimination and we felt that a voice and platform like Kick It Out was a great opportunity to do something about that. In particular over the years the rise of the women’s game had seen prominence. This was a chance to showcase our multi faith female football players who wears a head scarfs and individuals with disabilities/minority and LGTBQ. This was a perfect opportunity to showcase our diverse and inclusive database of sporting talent on the main stage!

The Result

The cast we supplied was representative of all the people who love, watch and play football. We worked hard with this and get it right, and our casting showed in the final film. Our cast reflected the campaign's message shining a light on those genuine football fans from unrepresented backgrounds. As our agency put forward people who play football together this helped capture their established camaraderie and also assisted production to showcase key individuals we want to focus and shine a light on. B far one of our most rewarding projects to date.


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