La Famiglia Rana Feat Jamie Redknapp

La Famiglia Rana Challenge Feat Jamie Redknapp

The Brief

To film social media content for brand La Famiglia Rana featuring Jamie Redknapp at home preparing authentic Italian fresh pasta from scratch to supply full film crew, sound and lighting as well as post production. La Famiglia Rana has been working on a revolutionary product, their Classic Italian Pasta Kits. Now anyone can whip up fantastic Italian meals with guaranteed al dente pasta every time. Putting a modern twist on a traditional cooking method, their fresh egg pasta cooks in the sauce. This is how they are able to combine fresh and high quality sauce, fresh pasta and fresh Parmigiano Reggiano with al dente results, in just a 5-minute cooking time. Jamie to follow the recipe provided, but mind you – he has just an hour and can’t Google it! What could go wrong right?!

Our Creative Solution

We wanted Jamie to have fun and chat to his followers rather than this being a step by step cooking segment, all within the comforts of his home. The purpose of cooking the pasta meal from scratch is to show how long it takes and how much mess is made to cook this meal from scratch, so that we are then able to highlight the key messaging for the Rana Meal kits, which are aimed at people who are time poor/ busy that don’t always have time to cook a complete meal from scratch but still love tasty food. We wanted this to look natural without over lighting or going overboard on edits and keeping the mood as candid as possible. Adding in a stylist to place key ingredients so nothing was missed and making sure we shot in 4K on a tripod with all aspects ratios for social media and enhanced sound and lighting. Sticking to the authentic script we made sure everything was as it were at home and to ensure Jamie looked his best we also made sure a groomer was at hand so he always looked his best not that it was needed however it did play a part in a comical scene added to the reels!

The Result

The IGTV lasted nearly 8 mins with views of nearly 170K on Instagram featured key messaging with the true to life script being that Jamie doesn’t always have time in his hectic everyday life to cook meals from scratch! His natural comical approach at giving it a go made a great watch that many could relate to! Cut to the ending see’s Jamie unbox and make a Rana pasta box being the perfect option for those days that we find ourselves really busy but still craving a tasty and fresh tasting dish that is comparable to cooking from scratch, with the bonus of minimal washing up! The second reels video with views in excess of 30K on Instagram shows Jamie in an average day, trying to cram in all of the many things people have to face on a daily basis such as looking after the family, preparing for work, exercising, Zoom calls and everything in-between. This was an opportunity for us to get creative and put some light natural humour into the videos, something which Jamie is well known for. The Rana Tagliatelle Carbonara Pasta Kit was nicely integrated within the video and at the busiest part of the day, showing Jamie grabbing a tasty meal for himself that really does fit into his busy and hectic schedule. Even though Jamie has non-stop days, he can still eat tasty and authentic food that they enjoy, whilst on the go! Overall the campaign was a huge success for both Rana and Jamie and racked up nearly 200K in likes and more than 600 comments.



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