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Syd & coco - we got now 2023

The Brief

Two young female sport prodigies, pursuing different disciplines, but both fiercely competitive with big personalities and a friendly rivalry that is brought out between them. It’s as if Syd has come to meet Coco at her tennis court and their competitive athletic nature has spurred them on to train and run together. It’s not too serious, nor performance focused, our focus is more on the humanity of two female athletic superstars at the top of their careers. Finding the joyful camaraderie, both effortlessly confident in themselves.
Syd and Coco are in training gear but not performance gear specific to their sport, it’s active wear, a NB two piece tights and sports bra combo for example.
For Syd & Coco we want to play with the connection between them both.

Our Creative Solution

When both Coco & Syd arrive on set, their first moments of interaction and engagement were to be crucial. Keeping them apart until they are ready to walk on set was also an idea to gauge a natural bubby warmth between them as two friends who meet.
As this piece is heavily focussed on candid moments keeping the mood as chilled as possible and even playing music did set the mood and tone. Fun, enjoyable and competitive. We cannot teach them how to play however we can draw a natural feel.
They both had a huge amount of respect for each other so this did set the tone, having them both try the other sport aided creating a great piece for interaction when together and also lightened the mood.
Warm ups and run throughs were great because they did allow Syd & Coco to get a better idea however this did also allow our Director Paul to dial in the action. What we don’t want is a disengaged athlete who’s tired. So light warm ups were crucial however not to burn them out of course not forgetting we ae working with prized athletes at the top of their game!
During a generalised warm up such as a stretch or jog you we noticed the athletes begin to get into a semi-zone. This helped greatly as a level of focus as they began to have small nuances that did translate great on tape.
Things such as posture, tying shoe laces, an arm stretch or drink. The idea is to make this as fun as possible and allow them both to feel relaxed something we all enjoyed thoroughly on set!

The Result

Inspired by it’s athletes and ambassadors, New Balance’s We Got Now represents the next step on the brand’s fearlessly independent journey.
By tapping into the brand’s growing momentum and a century of serving world class athletes, the just released New Balance We Got Now spot featuring Sydney & Coco, continues to celebrate their talented roster of athletes.
Throughout we captured off the cuff unplanned human moments, Coco playfully showing off. Syd’s dead serious hardcore into camera then breaks into a big laugh. Moments sharing the track or court and celebrating the now!
This campaign launches globally across social, digital and retail channels including and looks to connect the dramatic changes the world is experiencing through the lens of a decorated track & field athlete and tennis player.
Whether it is the Olympics or Wimbledon, the world is learning to change together by living in the now.

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