Qatar Fifa 2022 World Cup Stadiums Launch

The Brief

Ahead of Qatar winning the 2022 Fifa Football World Cup bid and to celebrate the launch of the “Final” stadium called Al Wakrah. We were given an opportunity to put a team together to showcase and create a buzz around the grand opening of the finals venue in a 10 day tour with a specially branded tour bus alongside an influencer campaign. We were required to supply 4 individuals who were highly skilled at Football. The talent requested needed to help give an up-close and personal feel of what was happening on the ground whilst showcasing Football skills/ shows to live audiences resulting in creating a buzz.

Our Creative Solution

First things first; we had to brainstorm ideas around ways of what and how would excite a live and broadcasted audience which would make noise in whichever location our Football sports talent were based; our aim was to get people on board, following and talking. The rise of “Street Panna” had long been around; however now more than ever it was influencing the market. We decided to bring together 2 different types of skilled Football, therefore we had 2 Football Freestylers and 2 Street Panna Players; the talent sent in on this project were from Sweden, Brazil and London - each individual ranked in on the top 10 worldwide for their expertise also including a combined following on all social media platforms of in excess of 1 million followers. All 4 talent were coached and guided by us in how to assist and create the ultimate showcase.

The Result

For 10 consecutive days straight our Football talent performed/ entertained face to face as well as creating and putting together social media posts/ stories on a daily basis that were scheduled multiple times using exclusive hashtags, whilst also being tagged into Qatar’s National Football account.

From online/ face to face interactions it ended with the first ever match being played on the brand new pitch. Across all social platforms views exceeded 2 million and 4 million impressions; this campaign was a huge success and a talking point for a long time.



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