Samsung A80 Worldwide TVC

The Brief

The A80, with its unique mechanical camera — versus a new virtual feature — creates the real possibility of a tangible connection between people. To showcase the launch of Samsung’s brand new phone and unique capabilities. We were tasked with choreographing and creating freestyle football content with some of the world's best Football Freestylers on location in Los Angeles.

Our Creative Solution

Our approach was simple yet audacious. To showcase a mix of ethnicities, genders, backgrounds and cultures each with different techniques and creativity that flows from the streets to the spotlight whilst showing off the new Samsung A80’s full range of phone capabilities. Having our very own unique online profiling system for all our sports talent allowed us to source the very best Freestyle Footballers from our database.

We casted virtually from UK/ US to different locations such as; London, Norway, Mexico, USA, Brazil and France flawlessly within budget. Timing and technique was crucial. Highlighting what talent needed to deliver where and when without consuming time made all the difference. Having an excess of 20+ years experience helped play a huge part when it came to choreographing and combining each exclusive style and movement to blend into the storyboard without missing any USP’s.

The Result

The final advert exceptionally showcased the brand new A80 phone including all the stand out features using a number of angles from a POV mimicking real time action; capturing some of the world’s finest freestyle football trends perfectly to create a wow factor at a super cool location. The commercial shouts out diversity, skillful and electric; what a better way for a brand to be represented. Beyond any doubt it did turn heads which led to a talking point across all social media platforms.



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