A Day in the Life of a Sports Choreographer

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Ever wondered what it would be like to step into the Sport & Motion team’s shoes for a day?

We offer many services, including sports consultation, management, event planning and more.

Something else we provide is sports choreography.

This is the art of really putting on a show and using sports talent to captivate and engage an audience.

Sports choreography can be used in many different settings, from blockbuster movies to local events.

While you may be familiar with sports being used in advertisements and sports productions, you might not always think of the person behind the routine.

A choreographer ties everything together and turns sport into a story.

In this blog, we thought we’d show you what the normal process of sports choreography looks like.

Let’s take a look.

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Assessing What you Have to Work With

All great sports choreography starts with a plan.

This is much more than just watching people freestyle or showcase their skills. It is a multi-faceted approach, and everything from the setting of the production to the music playing over it has to be taken into account as it is planned out.

It all starts with the talent.

Many sports productions revolve around the people who star in them. Depending on their skillset and experience, you will have to work out their role, and make sure the choreography is something they can achieve and thrive in doing.

Next up is the music. As mentioned above, this is an integral part of the production, and what the music is like can change the whole feel of it.

If it’s quick and upbeat, you will need choreography that is fast-paced and frantic. Something slower may require something more nuanced and will focus more on expression and emotion.

Once you have the talent and the music, and you know the setting your production will be in, you can get to work creating a plan.

choreographer instructing sports talent

Building a Connected Plan

You have all the ingredients for a great sports production, so now is the time to mix them together and create something special.

Using your knowledge of the sports talent, music, and setting you have, work out how best you can really put on a show and grab your audience’s attention.

There are many different aspects to consider here. For example, are you promoting a brand? If so, this will need to be front and centre with the production focused around that.

Are you simply trying to entertain? Then instead of a brand being at the forefront, the athletes need to be so that they can really showcase their skills.

Every movement needs to be mapped out with precision, and every second accounted for. This is especially true in advertising, where you only have a very limited time to get your story across.

Develop a plan for how you would like the production to look, making sure it is achievable and that the athletes can handle the actions given to them.

Once you have the plan, you can start to really see the production come to life.

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The Rehearsal Stage

Something that is paramount to a smooth production is practise.

This is a rigorous phase, because when the cameras are rolling or the audience is watching, you may only have once chance to get it right.

Work closely with the athletes as they go through the production to get it just right. If you notice any issues or things that could be better, then now is the time to act on them and make sure they are perfect when the time comes for the final product.

While rehearsals may not always be the most fun part of sports choreography and can be a lot of time spent repeating identical actions, it is worth every second.

Not just for the fact it burns the moves into the memories of your sports talent, but because it also breeds confidence in the performers that they can get it right.

Be supportive and encouraging, and make sure everyone involved in the production is ready to perform their role in the right way and you’re sure to have a successful show.

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Performance Time

Once the rehearsals are done, the time has come for the main performance.

You may think as a sports choreographer your work now is done, but that is not the case.

Everything must be well prepared and all sports talent readied. This includes calming any nerves, boosting confidence, and making sure everyone knows their roles down to the last second.

As the cameras roll, the sports choreographer will be paying close attention and making sure that everything goes to plan.

If you get multiple takes, they will be keeping a close eye on everything that works and also things that don’t work so last-minute alterations can be made until the perfect formula is found.

While this can be a stressful part of the job, it is also a very rewarding part, and seeing something you have planned in your mind and worked hard to create finally come to life is always a great feeling.

Once done, give some last-minute feedback to the talent involved, letting them know how their performance was and congratulating them on a job well done.

You work here is now done, but it’s always good to maintain a strong relationship with the good sports talent you have been working with in case you need them again on another shoot, so always be friendly and courteous and make sure to hold on to any contact details.

Sports Choreography with Sport & Motion

If you’re looking for a sports choreographer to help plan and create an amazing production for your next project, then why not get in touch with Sport & Motion.

Our team have years of experience putting on great shows and would love to help you do just that.

Want to know more? Why not check out our previous work to see the kind of stuff we can create.

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