When looking to create a sports film, there’s one thing that you need. Sports stars. Finding the perfect person to fill this role in your film can be tricky. You need to find someone who looks the part, is athletic, and suits the part that they are playing.

At Sport & Motion, we supply sports models for a wide range of different roles. The first thing we do in every job is listen to you, and work out the kind of person you want, and who you want the film to appeal to. Once we understand the brief, we can get to work in pinpointing the perfect person to become part of the film.

We take everything into account when choosing the perfect candidate. From their age and sporting ability, to their physique and passion for the sport in question. Sometimes what you need is a professional who can showcase unbelievable talent and appeal to other high-level athletes. Alternatively, you may be looking for a novice who can appeal to other beginners.

Our team will find the perfect person to slip seamlessly into your film. Want to know more? Then get in touch on the button below!

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