Nike Battle Force

Live Instagram Story Manila

The Brief

Sport & Motion were tasked by Nike to film and cover Battle Force Live for Instagram which energizes the streets through authentic digitally led stories from the event. Defining moments of the event further inspire and empower the (GEN) FORCE community to cultivate culture. Showcase the competition of sport and culture through individual highlighted sections in the city of Manila to fuel the movement.

Our Creative Solution

In pre production its was decided that all shots to be uploaded/edited/rendered in black and white and shot in vertical orientation suitable for uploads for Instagram. Set up time and preparation was a key to our approach as was an in advance recce of the terrain of our location considering the unpredictable movement of so many people. Being aware that this maybe a highly stressful environment at times however flexibility and professionalism was the key to making this an all round success. Opting to go for Short bursts of clips as opposed to long lengthy drawn out footage that may take longer to compose edits was a sensible approach that we all agreed on as a team. Having a close eye on timings meant we would have the ability to capture additional footage and highlights throughout the day that would focus on the look and feel of the event under the motto “surprise and delight”. This gave us the freedom to put our trademark seal on the footage through a sporting POV. What made us unique and gave us an edge is our years of experience working within sports whilst being aware of where and when to anticipate high impact related shots such as dynamic movements whilst adding our own sporting knowledge to capture the best angles and footage.

The Result

Having shot and edited a live broadcasted culture event which featured Basketball, Dance, Rap & Art which we proudly re invented and showcased for viewers on Instagram on the go over a 6 hour period left no time/room for second guesses or mistakes. From dynamic action to glitched effects, title overlays, use of playful language to best describe the action was an overall success that encouraged interaction via likes, shares and comments on Nike Manila’s Instagram account. We highlighted trends for the community and catalysts for the culture which made us stand out. From our entire crew through to the participants we felt that we challenged conventions and pushed the boundaries of basketball and dimensions of culture.

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