Gamma Force Lifestyle


The Brief

Introduced at the very beginning of 2023, the Nike Gamma Force — one of the Swoosh's newest designs — effectively pays homage to decades of icons. Nike’s Gamma Force line, a modern interpretation of classic 80s sneakers are looking to launch a new visual and collaborative video featuring the members of contemporary and street dance.

Our Creative Solution

Our approach for this campaign was pretty straight forward. To celebrate culture, creativity, backgrounds and personalities all fused together with dance being the ultimate form of self-expression. When you embrace that possibility, you defy convention and norms, creating space for something new. Each dancer gave us a window into their city experience. The goal was to feel each dancer, who they are and what they stand for, rather than seeing it as a performance for the camera. It’s a moment where they can block out all the noise and the hustle and bustle and truly be in their element.

The Result

The ad was shot in London which captured the hectic fun of living in a city that lets you be whoever you want to be and showcase some of the small, special moments where they can take a break from it all, connect with themselves, wind down, think, imagine and practice. In the video, the girls are seen performing a classical, contemporary & street dance while wearing shoes from the Gamma Force line. Each with their unique style & creative arts, the members express themselves freely while holding absolutely nothing back.



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