The Now. The Future with KAI HAVERTZ


The Brief

So who is Kai Havertz? Well lets tell em! Its time to shoot Kai Havertz announcement video for signing with Puma. We want to show Kai in Puma apparel as well as be personal to Kai and show who the real Kai Havertz is. That could mean a number of things. Goals, pace, character and a cheeky grin. After all he is a champions league winner and also the youngest player to reach the milestones of 50 and 100 league appearances in the German top flight. Wish us luck!

Our Creative Solution

The story goes like this. Throughout the video there is a narration of Kai’s back story from his founding roots, inspiration and accolades to where he currently resides. Tall ask considering the future is only just beginning at 24! Time to celebrate the fact this is Kai’s welcome party to the Puma fam. For this to work we needed to flood the set with capable cultured ballers. To highlight the culture and diversity within the game we wanted a mix of male & female players from a variety of backgrounds, however semi-pro level at a minimum to hang with Kai. What Kai does best is leave players for dust, whip top bins and play with a smile. Trying to pack this all into a 30-40 sec tape was a challenge and our director wanted comforting however planning, prep and rehearsals made this one easier. Simple but effective enhancements to highlight Kai’s talents covered in our choreography left room for bonus content. Having a world class player in Kai made shooting a breeze which meant we could ask for more however not overly complicating left room for smiles. After all he’s one of the fam now!

The Result

Launched across Puma Football & Kai Havertz Instagram accounts racked up nearly 100K like on the day of release. Quick edits from fancy footwork, scoring goals, intense training scenes and bags of character, a lot to ask of 30 seconds but we did it. You often think how hard can it be working with such an accomplished player however it can go horribly wrong. You can’t teach your grandmother to suck eggs but you can instil enough trust in a director that with the right subtle movements and adjustments of players that a scene can be better than you think without looking cliche. This release done Puma & Kai justice. From humble beginnings towards breaking records and now residing in north London on mission to get started with Puma.

The Video

BTS Video



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