Role of Sport Consultants in the Sports Industry

Role Of Sport Consultants In The Sports Industry

Sports consultants work with professional athletes, sports teams, and corporations as marketing experts to help improve their involvement in sports. 

What do sport consultants do?

Working alongside directors, producers, and events planners to create and add sporting realism to any campaign including assistance with script writing, story boards, and helping with specialised sports choreography with all details within the screen or event to ensure that there is authenticity and realism throughout. Sports consultancy is highly competitive, but Sport & Motion not only do consultancy but use their own specialised sports talent database and sports production teams to create promotional videos from initial storyboarding to post-production for the sports industry. 


Sport consultants require confidence to be able to network and market their services to multiple organisations, whether they’re big or small companies. This includes finding new sports talent, whether it be sports body doubles, sports models, influencers, and more, as well finding sport projects and productions. 


Sports consultants must be able to keep updated on the latest trends in the sports industry including marketing and sports development. 

Strategic Planning

Depending on the project and sports organisation, sports consultants need to come up with a strategy on how to approach the project. Also be able to provide reports to several teams and boards on prosed plans. 

Multiple projects

There could multiple projects happening at once, consultants must be able to priorities, multitask and be organised. This also includes handling contracts, hiring, and training sports talent and management staff. 

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