Finding the right person to fill on for a sports star during a shoot can be tricky. With many factors to consider, including most importantly the appearance of the stand in it can be a tough process.

Our team at Sports and Motion have members experienced in locating and recruiting the perfect stand in for even some of the most recognisable faces in sports. From footballers to tennis stars and runners, we can find actors that have the ability to seamlessly slot in and cover when needed.

We have supplied sports body doubles to some of the biggest athletes in the world, including Son Heung-Min and Anthony Joshua. Each time posed different problems that we overcame through rigorous searching to find the ideal double, and a strict process of ensuring they were the perfect person for the job.

Once in, we used our other services such as sports choreography to not only place the actor in the advert without the audience knowing it wasn’t still the famous sports star, but to also ensure they look just as talented as the person they are meant to be.

Our sports body doubles have appeared in many adverts throughout our career, so if you’re looking for stand in for a sports superstar in your latest film, get in touch today.

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