Under Armour Anthony Joshua

What’s Under The Armour

The Brief

Campaign for Under Armour featuring the World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua. The brief was to create a moving element to focus on the moment and power and intensity and to train your mind like the pros do by tapping into the techniques and tools Anthony Joshua uses before a fight. It had to be simple and intense reflecting physical/mental challenges he faces in intense training and scenes leading up to fighting in packed out stadiums watched across the world by millions.

Our Creative Solution

To film the intense training scenes a location was needed. Where better than London’s iconic and historical York Hall in Bethnal Green which hasn’t changed much since 1929 with its 1200 seater capacity. A venue well known by many and even more so by London’s very own AJ. Shooting on a steady cam was chosen to get up close and personal to cover the action whilst the hall was only lit by floodlights to mirror that of a ring. Sport & Motion supplied a boxing body double matching up in skin tone, size, height, weight and had to have ability of how to accurately box so no technique was noticeably wrong was crucial. The sports choreography for AJ covered footwork, training scenes and fight action which ensured that every scene was covered like for like.

The Result

The 30 second-long clip, titled 'Train What’s Under The Armour” features Anthony Joshua reciting an inspirational piece of prose that reflects his attitude to the internal battle all athletes must win to reach their full potential. Bag sessions, hard physical training and the mental battles to remain focused and confident, by ignoring the voice inside your head when you are pushing yourself to, and beyond, your physical and mental limitations. The spot gained over 600,000 views and shares across multiple social media platforms and is a partnership that continues to be incredibly successful to date for AJ and Under Armour.


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