How to Become a Sports Influencer

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It has never been easier to create content and broadcast it to the world than it is right now.

With the emergence of social media meaning new videos can be uploaded everyday to an infinite number of people, if you want to be seen and share your story, then now is the time.

Sports influencers have taken advantage of this new world, promoting themselves across many different mediums to a worldwide audience.

So, if you’re sat at home with a ball at your feet and a story to tell, how can you join this exciting group of emerging sports influencers?

Well, here at Sport & Motion, we have a huge database of talented individuals that includes many sports influencers, and we’ve compiled this list of seven tips to help you on your journey.

Let’s take a look.

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7 Tips for Becoming a Sports Influencer

Identify Your Passion

Every sports influencer first has to find their space.

When people are looking for someone to influence and inspire them, they often look in niches that they are interested in. Whether it’s darts or dancing, a viewer will relate much more if someone is showcasing high talent in their favourite sport.

If you wear yourself too thin and try to cover too many bases, you run the risk of never really excelling in any of them, so it’s always a good idea to determine your specific area of interest and really finetune your skills for this.

While a varied portfolio can be a good thing, growing your expertise in one field will make you a real leader in the game, and that is a great position to be in if you want to grow your following.

Showcase an Authentic Story

The word influencer is key to knowing what will help further your career.

You need to be able to influence and to do that, you need a great story.

This needs to be something that is engaging and empowering. It also needs to be authentic.

Whether you have faced serious setbacks and overcome them, or simply show the work you’ve put in to reach the level of talent you are at right now, there are many ways to really grab a viewer’s attention.

You want them to be able to see themselves in you and find encouragement from your story to achieve their own.

This is when you truly become more than just someone with great skills, but someone who can really influence people.

Work with Others

If you want to reach as many people as possible in a quick time, working with other people in your industry is a great way to get there.

Not only does it allow you to reach a wider audience, but it gives an insight into how they work and may help you perfect your craft.

From the equipment they use to the way they tell their story, influencers who have much more experience than you are always great to learn from.

This can also add another dimension to your videos and can lead to fun and exciting new topics for content.

The more you network, the more you will grow your list of contacts in the business, and this will only help as they share your content, promote you, and provide great advice as you make your way up your career ladder.

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Offer Value to Viewers

Growing a following is essential to becoming a sports influencer.

The more people who view your work, the more chance it has of being shared and interacted with which will only help you promote your brand more.

The content you produce must provide some value to the viewer in order to get them to watch and be engaged with it.

This can come in many forms.

It could be as simple as sitting in a room and giving advice. This could be nutritional advice, exercise tips, or simply answers to questions viewers may have.

You could also teach skills and provide methods on how someone at home can master them. This can include tricks as well.

Through tips, tutorials, and insights, you will always leave a viewer fulfilled after watching one of your videos, and this can be a big help in growing your status as an influencer.

Work Across Multiple Platforms

The key to reaching the most people is to work across as many platforms as possible.

There are several social media outlets now on which you can post content, so spend some time delving into your audience and working out exactly where they are.

Of course, your outreach doesn’t always have to be digital.

You can head to sports events, play in competitions, and meet fans in other ways to add a personal touch to your interactions.

The more visible you are, the better. The key is to be seen, spread your name, and share your story, so take advantage of the abundance of ways there is to do this and never miss an opportunity to pick up a new fan.

Create Great Content

Everything stems from your content.

This is what people see first when they click on your profile, so you must make sure it is exciting and engaging.

A recent study found a user on mobile looks at a Facebook video for an average of 1.7 seconds.

That is not a lot of time to grab someone’s attention, so you must produce content that is eye-catching.

This lends itself back to the point about making something of value. If a viewer thinks they will gain something from your content, they will watch, so don’t waste precious seconds and get straight to it.

This content should showcase your passion and expertise in your chosen industry and should be done in many forms to attract many people.

This includes blog posts, videos, social media posts, and more. If you can educate, inspire, and entertain with each post, you’re on the right track.

Invest in Good Equipment

One thing that can make a huge difference in the life and work of an influencer is high-quality equipment.

From cameras to microphones, the right tools can increase the quality of your content tenfold.

If your videos look grainy, or the sound is muffled, you will lose a lot of viewers as it won’t look professional.

You need your videos to be crisp and clear, and through good lighting, sound, and visuals, you can achieve this straight away and blow your viewers away with every new video.

While this equipment may be expensive to begin with, it will certainly be a great investment as you grow your following. If it costs too much right now, keep an eye out for second-hand items which can be purchased for cheaper, or see if you can collaborate with other influencers and use their equipment.

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Sports Influencers at Sport & Motion

One final tip we would give is to join an agency.

Sport & Motion has a huge database of talented athletes which includes influencers. Our consultants work with them to get their careers on the right path, finding them great opportunities to grow and hone their skills.

Sounds like something you may be interested in? Then get in touch with our team and sign up today.

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