Our sports talent are varied in athletic skill. We provide an environment for sports talent to showcase their individual skills, sport personalities and inspire others as Sport & Motion are sports consultancy company in London.
Our unique talent file sharing system allows you to view profiles with photos, video and relevant information. You can select the right individual for your campaign instantly.
This saves you time by eliminating the hassle and stress of holding a casting event.
Our sports talent recruitment are for athletes who are looking for paid working opportunities in media, adverts and live sport events in London. Or process consists of athletes submitting a talent application, if successful sports talent will be added to our database and guided/briefed on what its like to work within the sports advertising industry.
Our database consists of 1200+ international talent, specialising in a variety of sports. Many are professionals & world champions.
We are diverse and inclusive! Are you a talented athlete? Apply here to be added to our sports talent database.

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What Makes Great Sports Talent?
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What Is Sports Talent?
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